How it began

Many have asked what made me start running. It’s a pretty good story and I’m sure it’s a reason I share with many. In 2007, I was experiencing extreme headaches, especially when I bent over say to lace my shoes. It got to a point where I became worried so I scheduled a doctor visit. Suffice it to say that my doctor is really one of those nice guy doctors who never said anything about my weight, high blood pressure, or basic health. He did some general tests…heart, stomach, and asked to explain what I was feeling. Next thing I know I’m headed to Neurologist. He things I could have a tumor in my brain. What? So I go to the Neurologist and they send me to get an MRI of the brain. I lay in this machine hoping that this isn’t true. A few days later I meet the Neurologist who studied my scans. He came into the room and looked very serious. He was short, and Indian. Very skinny guy. He said he had good news. Nothing showed up on the scan and that I do have a brain, with a short laugh. However, he looked at me and asked if I had children. I said I did, one boy. He asked how old. I told him almost 10. He then got real serious and said if I wanted to see him graduate, I would need to changed my lifestyle habits. I would need to lose weight, eat better, and exercise. Furthermore, I would need to drink less and take care of my blood pressure. Don’t take it easy on my doc. He said his job was done and left. Just like that, an ultimatum. I was pissed at him obviously. But as I sat at home thinking over what he said, I began to get pissed at myself and planned to change. I set out to run the next day….10 minutes until I almost died. I ate better, drank less. And after 7 years, I’m still going strong because this doctor had the gall to set me straight. Thanks doc!


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